Our leading practice methodology involves an initial diagnostic phase followed by a strategy development phase. We work with you to develop strategic outcomes through collaborative processes. 

For both organisational and diversity strategy development, the process is as important as the outcome or the final strategy document itself, so is essential that clients are engaged in the strategy development process.

Our point of difference is that we develop deep insights and work collaboratively with you to transform your organisation. Our clients own the outcome.

The Agenda Agency offers management consultancy services specialising in three areas


Strategy & Transformation

We invest time in identifying the purpose that galvanises your people and understand what’s on your agenda. We work with your teams to help transform your business through strategy and leadership.

Diversity & Inclusion

We understand that organisations are at different stages of the diversity and inclusion journey. You may be just starting out, trying to get your leadership on board, or developing your strategy. 


Stakeholder engagement & consultation

In developing strategies, solving complex problem and for program design we work with organisations to conduct internal and external stakeholder engagement and consultations through focus groups, workshops, surveys, and other consultation methods.