Founder & Director

The Agenda Agency was founded to help people and organisations we believe in succeed on the issues that matter to them and us. 


Dr Heidi Sundin
Director and Founder of The Agenda Agency, Strategy Director 



The Agenda Agency works on the principle of drawing together bright, bold and brilliant minds to create the alchemy that will transform an organisation in a profound way.


Dr Linda Peach
Senior Manager’ to ‘Diversity and Inclusion Consultant and Researcher
The Agenda Agency


Strategy interns

We believe in providing opportunities for emerging talent, and provide strategy intern positions for final year or recently graduated university students. 


IMG-8429 (2).jpg

John Nguyen

Marketing Intern
The Agenda Agency



We have created a network of partners to extend our practice capabilities and bring a full solution to our clients.

Brand and design partner



Ascender is a full service brand and design firm offering  over 40 years of shared design experience with sound commercial knowledge, to distil the essence of your business and build enduring customer loyalty. As part of our partner agreement Ascender contributes a percentage referred client fees to their charity partner Yalari. Yalari is a non-profit-organisation which provides scholarships for high school aged indigenous students from regional, rural and remote locations.


Dexterous is a progressive Chartered Accounting firm servicing small to medium businesses seeking a more efficient finance and accounting function, and have just won the Australian Accounting Award for Best New Firm. 


 The Agenda Agency is proud to be listed on Femeconomy a for profit social enterprise, role modelling Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship. 

The Agenda Agency is proud to be listed on Femeconomy a for profit social enterprise, role modelling Female Leadership and Entrepreneurship. 


The Agenda Agency is an affiliate of Mercer’s Diversity and Inclusion practice, providing delivery support on various projects.

Code of conduct

The Agenda Agency code of conduct guides how we do business with our clients, team members and broader network.

Provision of services

All our services will be performed in an honest, professional and efficient manner with reasonable skill, care and diligence. We will conduct our services in accordance with our clients policies when we work on their premises as long as we are informed of these policies in advance.

Non-disclosure and Confidentiality

We will take reasonable precautions to ensure that our clients’ confidential information is not disclosed to any third party.

Conflict of interest

We take all reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest, real or apparent, in connection with team member employment and in undertaking client engagements. We will disclose issues which we believe may present a conflict of interest.

Integrity and respect

We act with honesty and are guided by ethical and moral principles in all that we do. We promote a workplace with respectful language and respect for people’s differences. 


Workers are treated and seen equally under the code of conduct. We maintain a workplace where all individuals have access and encouragement to equal opportunities regardless of differences.


The Agenda Agency both respects and embraces the opportunity to operate with a diverse group of people. We promote an inclusive workplace, where team members feel welcomed or comfortable within the workplace and where difference is celerbated.

Professional conduct & safety

Our people should always maintain professional behaviour within the work environment as well as outside of it.

Discrimination & harassment

All forms of discrimination, harassment or bullying (verbal, physical, cyber, direct/indirect) by team members and clients are strictly not tolerated. If any worker feels they are subject so such actions, they are encouraged to speak out and report any incidents to their supervisor.