About us

The Agenda Agency was established in 2017 by Dr Heidi Sundin with the aim of bringing value to clients in the areas of strategy and diversity. Building on her 20 year career and her passion for creating impactful and positive change, The Agenda Agency was set up with the purpose to create positive economic, human, social and environmental impact by solving strategic and complex problems through collaboration and an evidence based approach. 

Heidi’s experience spans corporate, academia, the public sector and the not-for-profit sector. Heidi’s most recent roles included Group Manager, Transformation, Strategy & Renewal at Coates Hire; Executive Manager Education and Innovation, Workplace Gender Equality Agency; Director of the Office of the CEO, KPMG and various client facing roles in risk management, audit and sustainability services. Heidi was a lecturer at the UTS Business School and has worked for the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

In her role as Director, Office of the CEO, KPMG, Heidi worked with an inspiring CEO who was a founding member of the Male Champions of Change. During this role it was clear that organisations needed to take a strategic approach to integrating diversity and inclusion into the business - rather than being an isolated issue. 

Having been involved in strategy and transformation across two billion dollar businesses Heidi brings a unique approach to business strategy in small and medium sized business and in applying a strategic approach to diversity and inclusion and gender equality.

Following her role at KPMG Heidi headed the education and innovation program for the Federal Government Agency, the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. Through discussions with hundreds of Australian businesses on the challenges of achieving gender equality, Heidi saw the need to provide support to organisations embarking on the change journey.

The Agenda Agency brings together Heidi’s focus and passion for both transforming businesses and creating diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Founder & Director

Dr Heidi Sundin
Director and Founder of The Agenda Agency, Strategy, Diversity & Inclusion, Gender Equality

With a career spanning 20 years Heidi brings a high level of energy and expertise to her clients. She works across business strategy and transformation, and diversity and inclusion. Heidi is known as a collaborator and a person who delivers on time, on budget and above expectations.

Heidi is also an affiliate of Mercer Australia’s Talent, Leadership and Inclusion Practice; and is an Advisory Committee member of the Financy Women’s Economic Progress Index. Heidi is a member of the NSW Equal Employment Opportunity Practitioners’ Association (NEEOPA) and Business Chicks.