September Financy Women’s Index - progress on women's economic equality

Women’s economic empowerment is critical to achieving gender equality. In this September quarter report, the Financy Women’s Index shows that women are making steady progress toovercome economic inequality helped by improved full-time employment, a narrowing of the gender pay gap and increased board representation in the ASX 200

The Financy Women’s Index powered by Data Digger is an initiative designed to encourage women to live fearlessly by empowering them with key information on the picture of economic progress among Australian women on a quarterly basis. The Financy Women’s Index differs from other economic measures, such as official wages and jobs data, because it focuses on women.

Key findings of the September Women’s index

  • The Financy Women’s Index edged 1.4 points or 1.1 per cent higher to 126 points in the September quarter.

  • Record full-time employment, more women on ASX 200 boards and a 20-year low in the gender pay gap assisted the progress score.

  • Despite the gains, the latest result is 37.5% below the FWX Progress Target, and economic equality is still at least a decade away.

The full report can be viewed here.