Press for progress, International Women's Day Event



International Women’s Day is a time to reflect on how far we have come as a society and economy on the road to gender equality, and to further reflect on the road ahead. In light of this year’s campaign theme, ‘Press for Progress’, facilitated by Karen Illes, panellists Kristin Lopes, Paul O’Halloran, Nareen Young and Dr Heidi Sundin joined together in a collaborative discussion to answer the question of how we can continue to press for progress towards gender equality. 

As of today, our 46.4% of our workforce is comprised of women, but “where is our voice?” asks Kristen Lopes, one of the panellists from the International Women’s Day 2018 Press for Progress panel event at Colin Biggers and Paisley Foundation in Sydney. 

It was enlightening to hear insights from different industry experiences and backgrounds, and to gain the legal perspective. The event celebrated the milestones  on the journey to equality and highlighted importance of continuing conversations and action on equality issues in the workplace and broader society. 

The panel discussion focused on the importance of International Women's Day, attitudes and societal culture within the workplace; the role of the legal system and where the legal system has failed to-date in providing support to victims of sexual harassment, and the power of #MeToo in recognising the pervasiveness of sexual harassment across workplaces.

IWD is a strong reminder that we must continue to focus on workplace gender equality. Thank you Colin Biggers and Paisley Foundation for hosting this great event.