What’s on your strategic agenda?

Business strategy and transformation consulting

We invest time in identifying the purpose that galvanises your people and understand what’s on your agenda. We believe the strategy process is as important as the outcome and we work closely with you in a way that enables your organisation, leaders and teams to own the outcome.

We ensure the strategy is built around customers and stakeholders, by first asking the questions: What is your ‘why’? Who are your customers? Who are your stakeholders? What are their needs? And what is the experience they have with you? We focus on crystalising your business goals and developing the pathway to success.

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Diagnostic review:
Where are you now?

We undertake a full assessment of the organisation. We look at your organisation’s mission, objectives, financial performance, go-to-market and operating models, organisational structure, leadership and culture aspects. During this process, we also examine major trends and opportunities in the market, and we undertake a competitor analysis.

We will do a full debrief with you on the diagnostic findings to develop an understanding of where you are now that will serve as the platform for developing your organisation’s strategy.

Business strategy development:
Where are you going?

We work with commercial businesses, government, non-profits and universities to develop their organisational strategies. Defining your purpose and vision is at the heart of strategy development. We work with organisations to articulate your purpose, vision and strategic objectives, and then we develop a tailored strategy specific to your organisation.

For commercial businesses, the strategy may be focused on driving growth, in which case we will redesign the go-to-market model and look at how to operationalise the approach to market. For non-profit organisations, the strategy may focus on achieving stakeholder engagement, research, community or social purpose outcomes.

We develop deep insights, using design thinking, on what your organisation is about and provide the transformation roadmap to achieve your purpose.


Leadership Events and Strategy Days

By the time The Agenda Agency facilitates a strategy planning day, we will, in most cases, have interviewed a representative number of the client’s staff and created a team of staff members who will serve as co-facilitators. We will have conducted comprehensive background research with deep dives into what the client’s needs are. We develop a deep understanding of the organisation, and we work with our client’s people to build a strategy that fits their needs precisely.

Specific strategies:
How do you get there?

Based on your organisation’s direction and goals, The Agenda Agency develops detailed strategies centred on a series of strategic themes. We work with you to determine what needs to be done, and in what order — prioritisation and sequencing is key to successful implementation.

During this process, we engage and consult widely with your leaders and team members — change and communications are part of the strategy build process. The result is strategic, practical and implementable.

Implementation and project management:
Making it happen

We can assist with the development of detailed implementation and change management plans, and strategy communications launches. Prioritisation and sequencing of strategy projects is a critical parts of this work.

Strategy communications:
Bringing people on the journey

A strong leadership voice on your strategy is essential. We work with your CEO and leaders to develop strategy communications, presentations and speeches to help you communicate powerfully with your people, customers and key stakeholders. We can also develop your strategy narrative and elevator pitch to brief leaders at the time of launching your strategy.

Program management and strategy tracking:
Are you there?

To help you stay on track we can work with your leadership to hold regular monthly or bi-monthly strategy tracking meetings. We also use collaborative PMO strategy tracking tools to monitor the progress of projects, and reprioritise as required. This outsourced PMO service is tailored specifically to your needs.

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