diversity and inclusion consulting

If you are starting out on the Diversity & Inclusion journey, you may be thinking through the questions, ‘Where do I start?’ ‘How do I engage my leaders on Diversity & Inclusion?’ ‘What are the diversity issues in my organisation’? ‘How can we tap into a larger talent pool?’ And ‘How do we address the deeper cultural issues in the organisation?’

The Agenda Agency will help you work through the first steps of starting the journey and setting the right path. We are happy to help you build the business case in your organisation and present to your leaders on why diversity is important for your organisation’s success.

Building your Diversity & Inclusion strategy

Our diversity and inclusion strategy process starts with a diagnostic process that will prioritise the key focus areas of diversity and inclusion.

Using leading practice methodology to will assess the status of diversity in your organisation. Depending on your priorities key areas of diversity that we may consider during the diagnostic include:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • Ethnicity

  • Indigenous engagement

  • Sexual orientation

  • Disability

  • Education background

  • Other minority or disadvantaged groups. 

Regardless of whether you are just starting out or you are at a particular strategic phase in your approach to diversity & inclusion, we will work with you to develop the direction for the next stage of your diversity & inclusion strategy.

As with any strategic approach, we define what the vision and objectives are, and how we are going to achieve them. When we build your diversity and inclusion strategy, we consider both social justice imperatives and the business benefits of diversity to help you achieve your business objectives. We then provide the transformation roadmap that is strategically aligned, measurable, practical and implementable.

We apply key principles to ensure that diversity and inclusion is successfully internalised in your systems and becomes a business and cultural norm within your organisation. Our collaborative approach ensures that your diversity and inclusion strategy will align with your corporate vision, goals and strategic initiatives, as well as with legislative and reporting requirements.

Implementation support

Once you have the roadmap, we can assist with the implementation of your diversity and inclusion strategy by setting out prioritisation and sequencing of strategic diversity and inclusion initiatives.


We would love to help you develop your strategy and achieve your business goals, get in touch by email heidi@theagendaagency.com