Dr Linda Peach

Senior Manager, Gender Strategy Services


Linda is an expert in gender equality and diversity more broadly in the Australian context. She completed her PhD at the University of Queensland, School of Psychology, in 2012. Using a series of three interlinked studies, her thesis investigated how ongoing gender inequality affects young Australian’s expectations and intentions towards future work and family roles, with a particular emphasis on the financial disadvantages for women over the life course. She has worked in gender equality research in some of Australia’s most prestigious Go8 universities and in the Federal Government, and has exceptional data analysis skills using both traditional tools such as SPSS and NVIVO and leading edge technology such as Tableau. Her expertise – built up over a number of large and small projects – is in both quantitative and qualitative research and analysis.

Linda has undertaken large scale payroll analysis for the University of Sydney to identify gender pay inequities at the like-for-like level and in other, less obvious corners of remuneration structures. She has been a key member of steering groups and consultative committees for federal and state government think tanks on gender equality generally and gender pay equity in particular. She has also designed and conducted research to investigate gender pay equity in two organisations – Telstra and ThoughtWorks – conducting interviews across the leadership groups, undertaking in-depth qualitative analysis of the data and producing the report on the research findings.

Linda has written academic and government reports on causes of the gender pay gap and recommended actions to address gender pay gaps, and has worked with senior leadership to understand and address gender pay gaps.