Diversity and inclusion projects

Commonwealth Bank
Flexibility action plan and toolkits

As part of the Workplace 2020 vision the Commonwealth Bank is undertaking a relocation project to South Eveleigh. The Commonwealth Bank has been on the flexibility journey for a number of years. This project developed the flexibility action plan and toolkits to support CommBank continue to normalise and mainstream flexibility at their new South Eveleigh location.

Colin biggers and paisley
Gender equality diagnostic review and action plan

Colin Biggers and Paisley is a leading mid-tier law firm, with offices around Australia. CBP is committed to promoting and improving gender equality within the firm and industry. This engagement involved a thorough strategic gender equality review across all dimensions of gender equality at CBP and the development of a strategically aligned action plan. 

Edmund Rice Education Association
Gender equality diagnostic and strategy 

In collaboration with Mercer Australia in this project we conducted an extensive diagnostic gender equality review including desktop review, composition data analytics, policy review and extensive employee focus groups. Based on the diagnostic findings we developed a comprehensive three year gender strategy and action plan (2018).

Australian Federal police, International Operations
Five year transformational International Gender Strategy & ongoing strategy implementation support

Development of the five year transformational gender strategy for a large Australian government agency. The strategy covers both internal gender priorities, gender mainstreaming and also enables the organisation to meet commitments as part Australia’s National Action Plan on the UNSCR 1325 Women, Peace and Security Agenda. This project also included implementation planning and support, communications planning for the launch of the strategy, and project management support for various projects (2017 and 2018).

Murdoch University
diversity and inclusion culture survey for sage athena swan

Murdoch University is participating the in the SAGE Athena Swan program, which promotes gender equity and gender diversity in science, technology, engineering, mathematics and medicine (STEMM) and is an important initiative that will drive change across industries. The Agenda Agency is conducting a large scale independent employee culture and diversity survey as input to the self-assessment process for Murdoch University’s Athena Swan project (2018). 

Australian Volunteers International
Diversity and inclusion evaluation review and recommendations 

In collaboration with Coffey International Development we are working with Australian Volunteers International to conduct an evaluation of the diversity and inclusion of the Australian Volunteers Program (program funded by DFAT). The project focused on understanding the motivations and barriers for more diverse target groups of volunteers, and understanding the key enablers for increasing the diversity of volunteers representing Australia overseas. The evaluation project includes a detailed literature review, evaluation plan development, in depth interviews and focus groups with key stakeholders and diversity target groups, findings workshops and the provision of an evaluation report with recommendations (2018).

University of Technology, SYDNEY
Centre for social justice and inclusion strategy

The Agenda Agency is working with the newly established Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion to collaboratively develop the long term strategy for the Centre and program of work. The Centre will incorporate all aspects of the University’s social justice and inclusion program, including diversity and inclusion, widening participation, and the implementation of the social impact framework (2018). 

Workplace Gender Equality Agency
Employer of choice renewal consultation and advice

The Employer of Choice for Gender Equality (EOCGE) citation has been available to relevant organisations in its current form since its inception in 2014. Previously the citation was known as the EOWA Employer of Choice for Women. 

In 2017, the WGEA engaged The Agenda Agency to plan and conduct three phases of WGEA and employer consultations in reviewing the WGEA EOCGE citation (workshops, interviews and online consultation). Following the consultation a series of detailed findings and recommendations were provided to the WGEA.

Workplace Gender Equality Agency
review and advice to update gender strategy toolkit

The Gender Strategy Toolkit was developed as part of the education program in 2013. The Gender Strategy Toolkit has been used by many organisations. This project involved a review of the Gender Strategy Toolkit and the development of recommendations for to refresh and relaunch of the new Gender Strategy Toolkit (2017).

Department of employment, Youth Jobs path, employability skills training
Development of Program key performance indicators

Employability Skills Training is one element of the new jobactive PaTH program, designed to prepare young people and help them into work. This project was undertaken to develop the KPIs for Employability Training Service Providers, through a consultative process (2017).